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The Vision of Nabufit

Be inspired to a better life


At NABUFIT we have great ambitions. Our objective is to develop the most comprehensive health portal and the most interactive and relevant global health community ever seen.

  • NABUFIT offers you inspiration for a healthier lifestyle by offering access to a wide range of workout videos and nutrition plans.
  • Premium national and international sports stars will motivate and advise you along the way.
  • NABUFIT offers workouts customized to your exact fitness level. You can even arrange each exercise to fit your level.


You can be a part of NABUFIT

We want you and your fellow users to be part of our development plan. That’s why we will be launching the first version shortly, although the first version only shows a glimpse of what we plan to offer you.


Already now you can apply to become a member of our test groups. We need interaction with and input from our users to develop the strongest health platform ever seen.


State of the art technology

The NABUFIT platform is based on the most comprehensive technology, and enables us to expand the features and scope of the platform almost without limits. This is what it takes to be a real global concept.



The Team behind

The core of NABUFIT is our IT LAB, teamed up with frontrunners and the best of the best in all areas.
The IT LAB is located in Fredericia, Denmark.






CEO Brian Mertz








Development / Research



HR Human resources / Jobs







NABUFIT Global Aps
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276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 704
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