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Introducing new workout from Cammilla and Saszeline

Introducing new workout from Cammilla and Saszeline

We are happy to introduce the release of another amazing workout from Cammilla Malmberg and Saszeline Sørensen: Shoulders and Arms.

This workout will definitely get your arms burning, as the targeted areas of this workout are, as the title states, shoulders and arms.


This workout will help you define and strengthen your shoulders and arms, and you will feel your shoulders and triceps burn.


As always, Cammilla and Saszelines workouts are based on the concept of BARRE workouts. These are based on a combination of Pilates, Classical ballet warm-up, and Jane Fonda 80’s movements.

All BARRE workouts last less than 20 minutes, with a focus on specific areas.


So, if you have some body areas you want to give extra attention, this is the way to go!


Let’s get started!