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NABUFIT focuses on Cancer Awareness

NABUFIT focuses on Cancer Awareness

On Sunday the 21st of May NABUFIT participated in the cancer awareness event called “Stafet for Livet” (Relay for Life) in Esbjerg, Denmark.

The event was a 24 hours’ team activity that focuses on cancer awareness. This is a way to memorize those we lost, and give hope to them who still fights. “Stafet for Livet” is a community, enlightening and way to raise money for the battle against cancer. 


For representing NABUFIT, we had Victor Merea a global influencer and fitness concept developer, Daniel Hestbech NABUFIT physiotherapist and Didde Schlamowitz NABUFIT Affiliate Manager. Didde and Daniel had the pleasure to network and spread the word of NABUFIT, while Victor had the honor to do an intense warm-up for the participants on Sundays rounds.


He said following about the warm-up: “30 minutes of fun and tempo! With a combination of exercises without equipment and a touch of martial art, the tempo will be high, but for everybody to join. I guarantee all bodies will be warmed up and pumped for a run.”


Facts about the "Stafet for Livet" event:

  • The event lasts 24 hours to symbolize that cancer never sleeps, and people are fighting day and night.
  • Every team must have at least one participant on the field always,
  • When it dawns the relay race shortly stops, and everyone can light a candle in memorial of a person they lost to cancer or a person still fighting.
  • The relay is worldwide. Every year 4 million people participate in more than 20 countries and are called Relay for life.
  • Relay for life I today the world’s biggest fundraising activity.
  • Since the beginning in 1985 the event has collected more than 5 billion dollars in the fight against cancer.