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Body Control by Cammilla and Saszeline

Body Control by Cammilla and Saszeline

We are happy to introduce, once again, a new workout from Cammilla Malmberg and Saszeline Sørensen. 

Use "Body Control" to challenge your balance, body awareness and control, and to strengthen and develop your core strength and stability. These exercises will also target your legs and glutes.

This workout does only have 1 level, which means, that you must start up slowly until you know how to do the exercises with proper form.

It is very important to activate your core and glutes during this workout, and remember to breathe! BARRE workout is a combination of Pilates, classical ballet warm-up and Jane Fonda movements from the good old 80s. In BARRE workouts, you must constantly activate your core and glutes!

BARRE workouts help you improve your posture and body awareness. You will challenge your muscle strength with just your body weight. This does not mean, that it is an easy kind of workout. It will be hard and challenging, especially because you have to work intensively with your balance, stability, endurance, ​and flexibility at the same time, which for many of you, will be a new and different way of using your body. Every single BARRE workout lasts less than 20 minutes, focusing on one specific area or purpose. This means, that you can put them together, depending on the areas you want to give some extra attention. Just add to “My Workouts”