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NABUFIT is the outcome of an encounter between talented business men, and Olympic Winning Sports Star Michael Maze, who discussed the idea and prospect of creating a way to exercise with guidance and knowledge from acknowledged athletes. As of July 2016, the discussions materialized into the establishment of a groundbreaking new training portal with key values such as innovation, wisdom and responsibility. 

The name

The name “Nabu” itself means "to call" in the Akkadian language. But Nabu is also the same as “Nebo” or “Nebho”, meaning "the prophet". The god Nabu or Nebo is represented as embodying divine wisdom.

Combining wisdom with fitness, the name NABUFIT seemed obvious.


Our vision at NABUFIT is to become the leading training community on a global scale, with unique and innovative opportunities never seen before. Our objective is to develop the most comprehensive health portal and the most interactive and relevant global health community ever seen.


At NABUFIT we strive to combine the latest research with experience from sports stars, knowledge from professionals, input from our influencers and the latest technology – to develop an amazing training portal. An online training community where everyone gets the chance to learn from the very best and evolve their workout, just by using their phone or tablet. 


We are motivated to create something that has never been done before, and guide our users into a world of endless possibilities – because we wish to make a difference. By using top experts within development, we are eager to innovate training as it is known today. The culture surrounding NABUFIT is based on our key values: Innovation, wisdom and responsibility.

  • Innovation

    The NABUFIT platform is based on the most comprehensive technology which enables us to expand the features and scope of the platform almost without limits.

  • Wisdom

    We want to provide you with the expert knowledge off our top mentors and help you build an active and healthy lifestyle by coaching and inspiring you towards better exercise and nutrition.

  • Sustainability

    We believe that it is our responsibility to create a balance between exploitation and protection of the earth’s resources so we do not destroy our future. That is why it is a conscious choice that the NABUFIT company runs exclusively on renewable energy.

Our drive

  • Diversity

    We strive to have the best people in the industry, and therefore we encourage diversity within gender, culture and ethnicity. We believe that this diversity will give us international opportunities, as well as talented and competitive employees, performing their best.

  • Motivation

    People are motivated by meaningful work, which is the key driver for engagement and productivity. That’s why we encourage our audience and employees to take ownership of our product and get them engaged in the co-creation of our brand. This urges a higher level of innovation and retention. 

  • Ambitions

    At NABUFIT we have high expectations for our brand, employees and the future. We want to be frontrunners and that is why we value hard work, great ambitions and self-awareness. We aspire to live out our dreams, ideas and visions, and ambitions will help us reach that goal. 

The team

The core of NABUFIT is our IT LAB located in Middelfart, Denmark. Teamed up with experts all over the world, NABUFIT strives to be a frontrunner in the training regime.